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March 30, 2020  

Specter of the Gun - Star Trek:TOS - Watchers of Tomorrow

March 30, 2020

Welcome to Watchers of Tomorrow! A podcast where we go through the world of science fiction television episode by episode, talking about the themes, concepts, ideas, the good, the bad, and the weird. We are great fans of sci-fi and would like to invite you on our journey through the weird and strange worlds that we are to explore…


Today’s episode:

I wanna be a cowboy? Does Kirk? Either way Izzy can't help but make Chekov's Gun jokes when Kirk and company find themselves being executed by some random aliens of the week in the most ridiculous manner imaginable. Or is it?!?! At least we get to chat a little about one of the random legends of the west that became a thing. I guess?


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“Waveform” and “Mori’s Principle” by DRKRN

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