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June 10, 2019  

Gattaca - Watchers of Tomorrow

June 10, 2019

Welcome to Watchers of Tomorrow! A podcast where we go through the world of science fiction television episode by episode, talking about the themes, concepts, ideas, the good, the bad, and the weird. We are great fans of sci-fi and would like to invite you on our journey through the weird and strange worlds that we are to explore…


Today’s episode:

In the not too distant future of electric cars, frequent rocket launches, and cheap genetic testing, Jerome is the golden boy who has the genetic profile that will open any door he wants, get him any job he wants, and right now he wants to go to space. The trouble is, this Jerome, isn't really Jerome. We tackle a severely underrated movie that shows a world where the prevailing system of evaluation makes life difficult for those who weren't built with the right genes and talk about how such a standard of value is rather ridiculous. But also how to make it, someone like 'Jerome' must rely on more than a little help from those around him to get what he wants in life on top of pushing himself harder than the supposed super men and women of the future.

Also this movie is awesome.


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