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November 11, 2019  

Filler Week: Dr. Izixs Read - Request of the Dead

November 11, 2019

Welcome to Watchers of Tomorrow! A podcast where we go through the world of science fiction television episode by episode, talking about the themes, concepts, ideas, the good, the bad, and the weird. We are great fans of sci-fi and would like to invite you on our journey through the weird and strange worlds that we are to explore…
Today’s episode:
We're between seasons officially, therefore it is time for Izzy to do some more reading! This one is a bit more... harder than the previous ones and contains references to violence and sex, and at least one instance of badness. So not a story for everyone. Also its a work in progress, so a little rougher than it will likely end up being.

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“Waveform” and “Mori’s Principle” by DRKRN

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