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July 29, 2019  

The Trouble With Tribbles - Star Trek:TOS - Watchers of Tomorrow

July 29, 2019

Welcome to Watchers of Tomorrow! A podcast where we go through the world of science fiction television episode by episode, talking about the themes, concepts, ideas, the good, the bad, and the weird. We are great fans of sci-fi and would like to invite you on our journey through the weird and strange worlds that we are to explore…


Today’s episode:

We have today one of the most famous episodes of Star Trek! Will the invasive species destroy the native life of... uh... a space station? Will Scotty prove himself as the one who loves the Enterprise the most? Will there be Klingons? Will Kirk finally be taken down a peg or 50? Some of these questions may be answered! Also Tribbles. Lots of Tribbles. SO MANY FLUFF BALLS.


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