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March 29, 2021  

The Magics of Megas Tu - Star Trek:TAS - Watchers of Tomorrow

March 29, 2021

Welcome to Watchers of Tomorrow! A podcast where we go through the world of science fiction television episode by episode, talking about the themes, concepts, ideas, the good, the bad, and the weird. We are great fans of sci-fi and would like to invite you on our journey through the funky and strange worlds that we are to explore…


Today’s episode:

Roll up!
Roll up for the mystery tour!
Because we're getting down right fantastical in this episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series. We got magic, wizards, pentagrams, and the devil... Himself! all hanging out and causing mischief for the crew. Will they manage to convince the locals to spare their lives once they learn how to cast magic missile? Probably, but you know, Star Trek!


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